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     "Typically we are in the midst of different emotions, between joy and anger, loss and gain.  When we focus inwardly and reflect calmly, we can let go of these emotions so that the body and mind can be at peace.  We can then return to our inherent nature which is bright and peaceful......."

Master Shi Yan Xu -雲森禪師

 Shaolin Temple Kungfu Master

Shaolin Temple Chan(Zen)Master

Master Shi Yan Xu

About Master Shi Yanxu:

Founder of Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA; 34th Generation Disciple of Shaolin Temple, SongShan, China, contemporary successor of Shaolin Kung Fu. Former warrior monk coach of Shaolin Temple, and former attendant of Abbot.


Master Shi Yanxu went to Shaolin Temple to study martial arts early in his childhood, and respectfully became a disciple of Abbot Shi YongXin; he concentrated on cultivating Chan(Zen) and practicing martial arts. He has been taught by renowned masters of martial arts such as famous Shaolin Kung Fu Master Shi Yong Zhi, Beijing Tong Bei Master Zhu Sheng An, Shaolin Temple old warrior monks Fu ZhiQian and Gao Dejiang. Subsequently he was advanced to study under Chan(Zen) Master Hui Tong, a great master in Chinese Chan(Zen)  society. 


He has studied and practiced Shaolin traditional Kung Fu with those masters, and as  well as a variety of Shaolin kung fu forms and Shaolin weapons. He intensively studied health exercises of the Shaolin Classics of Tendon Changing and Marrow Cleansing. For more than 20 years, he has followed Shaolin Abbot to visit countries and has showcased Shaolin Kung Fu for visiting dignitaries from various countries at the Shaolin Temple. In 2007, he received a decree from the Abbot and came to the United States to establish and operate Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA.


Master Yan Xu has helped created a special teaching curriculum endorsed by the Shaolin Temple of China to help teach and train people in the Shaolin culture, Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Meridian Healing and Mindfulness Meditation in a safe and effective manner.


Shaolin Awakening Meditation Seminar Services are designed for group training or event such as Martial Arts Schools, Centers, Corporate Companies, or any group of people. Master Yan Xu Shi is now offering a Shaolin Seminar Program for any Martial Arts Schools or Centers that will like learning more about Shaolin Temple Culture and Their 1500 years of History, this seminars are available for everyone National (Inside U.S.) and International (Outside U.S.), if you have any questions or want to learn more about Our Programs contact Us at:, Soon We will be releasing the information for The "Shaolin Coach Camp" or Coach Certification Program for Instructors or Masters who will like to be a Shaolin Certified Master.

Shaolin Kungfu Online Training

9143 La Rosa Drive, Temple City,

California 91780 United States

1 (626)-765-5510

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