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2013 Coach Capm

Coach Certification Program

Coach Certification Program is designed for individuals who are martial artists and operators of martial art school, or anyone who is interested in obtaining the knowledge and certifications. 

Accredited Coaches and their students will be invited to join the annual United Shaolin Tournament and Seminars.

The certification program improves the mastering of forms and meditation cultivation.  Shaolin Kung Fu 's applications can be used by young kid (simple forms), adults (hardcore forms, weaponry, sparrings), and seniors (well-being techniques).    It allows current schools to enhance their current curriculums to enrich more students and offer more field of coaching services, broaden their student base from young to old.  

Sample of  Shaolin Coach Camp curriculum:

The Shaolin Coach Camp curriculum consists:

The nine levels Shaolin warrior forms, application, weapons, sparring,
Martial arts philosophy, judging,
Health exercise form, meridian and acupressure points (Chinese medicine),
Ying Yang and eight symbols (Bagua) theory, teaching skills, history and meditation.

Through the Shaolin Coach Camp training, you will not only improve the mastering of the forms and meditation cultivation, Shaolin Temple will also issue a Shaolin Kung Fu Coach Certificate. You will be certified as a Shaolin Kung Fu Coach and contribute your part to promote the Shaolin culture.

Shaolin Coach Program is the foundation for Shaolin Academy System.   Building on each specific Shaolin mastery in coaching program, candidates solidify their mastery and understanding of Shaolin Ch'an and philosophy.    

Please contact us to learn more about the program and discuss yours and school's needs. 

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