Shaolin Style: Beta

Renowned birthplace of Chan Buddhism and Cradle of Chinese Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple of China has a legacy that is unmatched in the world of Martial Arts, Meditation, Zen and even Action Cinema. Now with the help of Master Shi Yan Xu, the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center's of America has started importing a number of officially endorsed Temple products that you can't find anywhere else! 

Stylish and durable satchel with a durable cord shoulder sling, comes complete with zipper and velcro pockets.

Shaolin warrior Uniform


Shaolin Sweatshirts


Shaolin Disiciple's Bag 


Shaolin Warrior T-shirt


Shaolin Abbot Book


Shaolin Disciple Bracelet


Bodhidharma (Damo)

Stone Rubbing 


Braided Guan Yin Necklace


SShaolin Chan DIY,

3D Postcard