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Shaolin Warriors Level Belt

Shaolin Academy System Program

Shaolin Kungfu curriculum

Shaolin Kungfu Uniform

Shaolin Academy System is designed for individuals with aspirations and acquired masteries to be part of Shaolin Temple tradition that carry out the mission of Shaolin around the world. 


Accredited instructors, schools and their students will be invited to join the bi-annual United Shaolin Tournament and Seminars.


For those who have Shaolin aspiration, we welcome you to be part of our tradition.  We are looking for individuals with passion and aspiration and the right foundation to help us carry out the Shaolin Temple missions.


While skills and knowledge can be learned, aspiration cannot be taught.  Candidates will have mastered not only the physical forms of Kung Fu, but he or she must also have the inherent understanding of Shaolin core- the Ch'an philosophy.    Thus, the Shaolin Statement: "Union of Fist and Ch'an". 


With the right foundation of the person, we will provide all the components of shaolin school system to ensure the success of the school.  Supports in areas of:


  • Infrastructure--Web based management system, equipments, uniforms. 

  • Marketing-- Printed materials, joining marketing exposures in exclusive, public events and purchased ads. Cut the learning curve of what works and what does not work. 

  • Teachning Curriculums- Proprietary English translated documents of technical teachings (source from the Shaolin Temple knowledge vaults and sutras).  

  • Supports - On going on-site supports on teachings. 

  • Involvements - Involvement in planning and  invitations  to: 

    • United Shaolin Tournament

    • Shaolin Culture Festival-  Exclusive forum discussion with Abbot and Shaolin groups. 

    • Regional Shaolin Cultural Tours- STCC will visit US States or regions to promote its cultures. 


The accreditation will be honored and given by Shaolin Temple Abbot, Shi Yong Xin and the founder of STCC, Shi YanXu.   And the official procession will be performed in Shaolin Temple China.  

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